I love my Two-letter Scrabble Words. Not only does it look great it helps me with my game too. Two other friends have bought this artwork having seen it on my wall. I also bought the Bowie Map as a gift for a friend. It now sits proudly in his office and he loves it.

—Kerry, Banstead

I have several Nigel French pieces in my collection. One of my all-time favourites is an alphabet poster, made using signage from San Francisco in the mid-2000s. Not only is it beautifully designed, with each iconic letter perfectly framed and balanced against the others, but it captures a moment in time. Many of the businesses belonging to those signs have since disappeared in San Francisco’s turbulent rental market, and the poster evokes a lost landscape.
Nigel also sends me his calendar every year, which serves to remind me of how great design can be when the designer is also the photographer!

—Hugh, Oakland, USA

We are so pleased with our iconic Isle of Wight scene. It hangs in our hall and we look at it many times a day…just wishing we were able to walk along those downs!

—Debbie & Steve, Isle of Wight, UK

We bought two of Nigel’s prints and love them both for the images, colours and composition. They always attract positive comments from visitors. 

—Olly & Naomi, Lewes, UK

Nigel’s artwork makes me smile every day. It’s the first thing that I look at when I walk into the kitchen in the morning and the last thing I l see at the end of the day. I lived with bare walls for three years after moving into our house and Nigel’s work was the first thing that I had seen that was so absolutely perfect that I broke the monotony of the white walls. I love it so much that I intend to buy many more pieces from Nigel and are considering commissioning some original works.  

—Ian, Farnham, UK



Nigel’s work is incredibly striking and sets the mood and tone of any room you choose to hang it. We love our Red Barn print and there are more from his growing catalogue which we are trying to find wall space for.

—Tracy, Guildford, UK

A girl can never have too much Bowie in her life, or on her mantelpiece! Finding Nigel’s ingenious map of the London Tube, repurposed to show the life and work of the man himself,  was unbelievable!  I’ve studied this map many times, and I keep finding little gems that I’d missed before.  A must for any self-respecting Bowie Fan!

—Irene, Edmonton, Canada



I grew up admiring the Golden Gate from the point where Nigel took this photograph.  Nigel’s art brings to life the scene in a manner that no other photograph does. There is just the softest suggestion of a painter’s eye that brings the photograph to life. The piece hangs in my office and consistently earns the praise of my many visitors, including offers to take it off my hands, which isn’t happening.

—Larry, Vermont, USA

My first piece of Nigel’s artwork is still my favourite and is of the serene and very beautiful swan. It is elegant and projects a calmness and stillness that is very welcome in these strange times.

—Sylvia, Brighton, UK



Born in Brighton I now live most of my life in America. 
I have two of Nigel’s works of art and I love them. At the end of my bed I have the black and white photo of two thoughtful looking  sheep on a crisp winter morning, with frost covering the ground, I love the church in the background, it is Sussex at its best. I have decorated my bedroom in greys and whites to blend in with the picture and it creates a lovely relaxing atmosphere. I love looking at the scene as I go to sleep or wake in the morning. 
The second is a wonderful photo of Brighton Pier as I remember it as a child, I can smell the candy floss as I look at it, and hear the waves crashing beneath.   It’s hung in my lounge and visitors are instantly drawn to the vibrant colours and it often becomes a talking point. 
Nigel’s pictures bring daily pleasure to me, being a true taste of Sussex, they are always admired, and bring fond memories alive. 
Thank you Nigel!

—Linda, Tampa, Florida, USA


I just wanted to share a photo of your work in situ. Friends are always drawn to the image – the more you look the more you discover. So pleased to have a Nigel French original on my wall at last.

—Amanda, Fletching, UK

Nigel’s artwork is a culmination of his many years as a talented graphic designer, typographer,  photographer, and documentarian. His photos capture many fun advertising signs and landmarks that are quickly disappearing. Nigel preserves these images in his beautiful photography for us to enjoy, and remember. His remarkable photos bring much joy and color to my home. Thank you Nigel! 

—Brett, San Francisco, USA 

Nigel’s work is original and exciting. Familiar scenes become dreamlike; his unique vision of landscape and the built environment imprint themselves on the mind.

—Linda, Lewes, UK

Great creative photographer and love his work. Particular favourite is the Lewes Pub signs proudly displayed in our sitting room.

—Sonmez, Cyprus


We bought several of Nigel’s prints as Christmas presents, and they all went down really well. People were genuinely delighted to receive them.

—Russell, Oxford, UK


We love Nigel’s work and have a few prints around the house. The lighthouse really brightened up our bathroom! 

—Amanda, Lewes, UK


Nigel’s eye-catching artwork takes pride of place in our dining room.

—Eric, Preston Candover, UK


We love the way the colour and graphics bring life to the plain white wall

—Craig, Walthamstow, UK


Nigel uses the camera like a paint brush — sometimes revealing entropy's beauty in the built environment and sometimes the serenity and sweeping grandeur of nature — as in this magnificently muted image from California.

—Simon, Lewes, UK

I love Nigel's images, no matter how often I spend time looking at my print I am always seeing something new to make me smile. The quality of the image and print means that I have used Nigel's pictures as gifts for friends and family.

—Laura, Marlborough, UK

I have one of Nigel’s seascapes which simply oozes calm. The colours, lines, and sense of shape in Nigel’s landscapes and seascapes are stunning.

—Ian, Oxted, UK

I have one of Nigel’s works in my living room. I love his playful approach.

—Bart, Ghent, Belgium

Nigel’s photos are ace. My bedroom and lounge are proudly displaying 2 of his images. We love our local countryside and Nigel captures the beauty of it in his unique and atmospheric way. 

—Graeme, Lewes